Nitto 3K Kumho Race Meeting this weekend at Bira


The local series, sponsored by Nitto and Kumho tyres, and 3 K batteries, has its second round of the six round championship at the Bira circuit on Highway 36 this weekend.

Many different classes will be competing, ranging from highly modified sedans to eco-cars, pick-ups and my group, the Retro cars (pre 1985 sedans).

Plenty of action over both Saturday (qualifying and heats) and Sunday (championship races). Come and see us in the pits, there is a bridge over the circuit from the grandstand, and get a photograph of yourself with the car that you remember from the early 70s.

Dr. Iain at the wheel of the 1973 TBX Retro Mk 1 Ford Escort.Dr. Iain at the wheel of the 1973 TBX Retro Mk 1 Ford Escort.

In the first round in March we chased a mysterious misfire, which turned out to be a petrol pump that decided it wouldn’t! That puts us a little behind the 8-ball, but there are five more rounds, so we can make up the leeway. Both the crew and myself enjoy the challenges!

Our races on the Sunday will be sometime after lunch, but at the time this article went to press the exact starting times were not available.