Nitto 3K at Bira this weekend


With all the publicity going to the new circuit in Buriram, we should not forget that there are some cracking races at the local Bira circuit, and this weekend 8 and 9 November should see a host of races each day, with around 20 plus events.

The categories of cars include the 1.5 liter sedans as well as Club races and the Retro (pre-1985) sedans which has many BMW E30’s and my TBX Mk 1 Ford Escort, plus the biff and bash pick-up group which always has full grids, though not as many finish, as started the race.

Racing on the Sunday begins around 9 a.m. and my races are around 3 p.m. (though they often run behind schedule). Feel free to come and visit us in the pits during the day.


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