Nissan 370Z wows the Down-Under market


There are a few Nissan 370Zs floating around Thailand, but with our Draconian import duties, you would be lucky to see any.  Down-Under they do not have such barriers to owning such vehicles and the 370Z comes in at around 2.4 million baht on a sheer currency exchange figure.  For that sort of money you would be lucky to get a Mini in this country, I am afraid.

The new 370Z is claimed by Nissan to be Australia’s best-selling two-seater sports car, and it just got better with additional equipment alongside minor safety and cosmetic improvements.

These include Nissan’s “next generation” audio and navigation system, which the company claims has more functionality and features, including a touch screen display, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, 9.3GB hard drive and reversing camera.

Nissan 370Z Nissan 370Z

The Coupe variant also gets a luggage-bay cargo blind for hiding valuables from prying eyes, while the Roadster gets climate controlled seats that cool or heat the cushions.

In March, the 370Z sold 140 units which represents a 22 percent market share.  On annual figures from last year, the Z’s yearly sales of 264 units put it equal second alongside the Mercedes CLC-class, behind the fugly BMW 1 Series.  (Have Australians no taste these days?)