Monaco Grand Prix this weekend


Following on from the win for Max Verstappen and Red Bull and another 1-2 self-destruction by Mercedes in Spain, is there anyone willing to hazard a guess for the winner at Monaco this weekend? With the limitation in passing opportunities round the Monegasque houses, pole position becomes very important. The most critical part of this Grand Prix will then happen on the Saturday. And that’s qualifying. He who is on pole, has a greater than 75 percent chance of winning. So who will be on P1? So far, all the money is on Hamilton, despite Rosberg’s poles this season. Mercedes has built cars that are very fast over one lap (Qualifying), resulting in pole positions at every GP this year, and their cars are nearly bulletproof, though not crash-proof as could be seen in Spain!

The money’s in Monaco.

However, Monaco is the Grand Prix to be seen at this weekend (as opposed to a Grand Prix to see motor racing at). It is not the GP to go to, unless watching B List ‘super-stars’ is your idea of fun. This may, of course just be jealousy on my part, not even making the D List… The harbor will be bollard to bollard expensive yachts and the villa car parks will have all the Lambo’s, Ferrari’s, Bentleys and Maserati’s you would ever wish for, and so much for the global financial depression. If you go for the atmosphere, then this is the GP for you. If you go for GP motor racing, forget it and go to Spa. Monaco has been processional for the past decade, and in my opinion is unfit for real F1 racing (but then again, I forgot it is the Bernie Show).

I will be watching the race, from my perch in front of the big screen at Jameson’s Irish Pub, Soi AR, going there at 6 p.m. for a meal and a beer before the race at 7 p.m. Why don’t you join me?

Mind you, I did find an excellent viewing spot if you want to fly over. On Thursday May 26 you could have experienced a full day in Monaco on a trackside super yacht experiencing luxury hospitality including breakfast, lunch and a full array of refreshments including a complimentary bar with free flowing champagne and cocktails.

The luxury triple deck super yacht will be moored in a premium zone 1 berth along the Quai des Etas Unis (between the exit of the tunnel and the corner at Tabac), just meters from the track where you will be able to catch all the action in the most stylish surroundings. I’m sorry, I didn’t ask the price!