Was the meal to your satisfaction, Sir?

Mr. and Mrs. Grosjean.
Mr. and Mrs. Grosjean.

Cooking is not something you would expect as a racing driver’s hobby, but F1 Haas driver Romain Grosjean has released a cookery book produced by himself and his wife, TV presenter Marion Jollès Grosjean.

The book, featuring 46 recipes, has been created with the assistance of renowned chefs Akrame Benallal, Guy Savoy and Christophe Michalak.

Grosjean, who harbors an interest in gastronomy, will provide insight into some of his favorite home cooking, and the dishes created in order to aid his training regime.

The book, titled ‘Cuisine et Confidences’, will be available in both English and French.

Showing his human side, when asked to describe his perfect day, Grosjean said, “I would have a good lie in, with the kids sleeping, and me as well. I would have a good breakfast with them, cooking eggs or something like that. I could then have a bit of a training session, maybe a run or a cycle, then cooking with the kids, a big pizza – we love to do that together.”

Grosjean shows himself as a true family man, well away from the glitz and glamor of the Formula 1 circus.