Liuzzi looking for loot


Sometime F1 driver Liuzzi, who has been going steadily backwards, feels that his driving is first class, it is just that he cannot bring money to a team.  “At the moment the team has been clear to me; it’s a difficult period in terms of money so they are trying hard to find sponsors to be able to run me as per the contract.  But in the case that they are struggling then they might be forced to look for a driver that brings money.”

There are a number of drivers currently on the grid who appear to have secured their places through financial clout rather than racing talent and the 30 year old Liuzzi admits that this is cause for frustration.

“If you’ve got a big sponsor behind you then you are an F1 driver and that’s not the way it should be from my point of view,” he said.

“There may be some people that think differently, but F1 is the top of the sport and should be full of talent that have got the results during their career and have been kicking ass since they were kids, not people that just have the money.  I’m sick of it being like this at the moment, but I have to just accept it and hopefully I will get another chance.”

Unfortunately for Liuzzi, whilst I agree that F1 should have the top talent, the truth of the matter is that he himself is not top talent.