How many cars built here?


The production figures for automobiles per country have been released.  These are for 2012, as last year’s production figures are yet to be published.  You will see that as a global player we (Thailand) rank number 9, but when you look at total output, Thailand’s is one ninth that of China.

Even the US is only producing around half of the Chinese numbers.

1 China 19,271,808
2 United States 10,328,884
3 Japan 9,942,711
4 Germany 5,649,269
5 South Korea 4,557,738
6 India 4,145,194
7 Brazil 3,342,617
8 Mexico 3,001,974
9 Thailand 2,483,043
10 Canada 2,463,732

It does not need a crystal ball to predict that China will continue to grow, at the expense of the western world, as more manufacturers flock to China to build their cars there in Joint Ventures, rather than at home.

Chinese Joint Venture.Chinese Joint Venture.