Hello Sweetie, I’m Sylphy


Nissan is excellent at one thing – picking ridiculous names for their cars.  I’m no macho man, but I am damned sure you won’t catch me driving a Cedric.  Or for that matter, a Tiida – just what on earth is a Tiida?  But nothing daunted, the Nissan Stupid Names department has now come up with Sylphy!

The Americans and the Aussies said “No thanks”, and the US call theirs the Sentra and in Australia it is the Pulsar (but it is made in Thailand).

After China, Thailand is the second country to get the Sylphy, with a 1.6 liter producing 85 kW and a 1.8 down with 96 kW.

Sweet Sylphy.Sweet Sylphy.

The Thai lineup consists of 1.6 S, 1.6 E, 1.6 V, and 1.8 V, all with standard features like air conditioner, CD player (the 1.8 V gets a color display audio system), electric windows and electrically adjustable and folding mirrors, with dual airbags across the range.  There is a navigation option for the 1.8 V and dual zone climate control with rear air ventilation, pricing starts from B. 746,000 – 931,000 so it is right in the Corolla territory.  Looks OK, but Oh that name!  Since the Aussie Pulsar is made here, perhaps they might throw in the Pulsar name badge if you asked nicely.