Have you got rental insurance?


RSR Nurburg, owned by Ron Simons, has benefited from the Nurburgring Nordschleife’s cult success (AKA The Green Hell). The Dutchman started RSR Nurburg as a race school and car rental center at the Nurburgring in 2002. The business has since grown into the largest rental outlet on the ‘ring, with dozens of staff and more than 100 cars for hire.

What is available? Renault’s 99 kW Twingo RS kicks off the range, giving customers a chance to tour the Nordschleife for THB 4,785 inclusive of fuel and entry for one lap, or THB 12,000 for four tours of the track. Customers are more likely to spend a little more to get hold of a turbocharged, 147 kW Ford Fiesta ST or Renault Clio RS, both of which can be had for THB 16,680 for four “tourist” laps.

Renault Twingo.
Renault Twingo.

Wealthy enthusiasts can choose something like a McLaren MP4-12C, but doing so comes at the cost of a (wait for it and breathe deep) THB 148,750 rental fee, and a potential insurance excess of THB 5.56 million if it all goes wrong.

Having driven the ‘ring, it is the most magical circuit, but does give the intrepid driver many chances of doing it wrong!