Ford’s Australian SUV looks to be a hit in Thailand


We are used to the fact that many of the Ford’s built here in Thailand are exported to Australia, but the reverse direction is not as prevalent.

Even though there is a Free Trade Agreement between Thailand and Australia, cars do not come into Thailand with no taxes/duties, as one might think.  There are still tariffs and they are quite significant.

However, Ford Australia took a gamble and sent 100 of the Australian built Ford Territory SUV’s to Thailand last August after receiving much interest in the car at the Bangkok International Motor Show in March of this year.

Ford Territory. Ford Territory.

The Territory is being marketed as a premium SUV in Thailand and will be sold in the range-topping ‘Titanium’ model with a 2.7 liter turbo-diesel V6 engine producing 142 kW of power, mated to a six speed automatic transmission.

This brings the SUV line-up for Ford Thailand to three, with the Escape and Everest and now the Territory, and of the initial batch of 100, Ford claims that 50 have been sold already.