Ford claims for new Ranger


The new Ford Ranger has been built and tested, and although it is still not released for the general public, Ford has been making big claims for this new-generation Ranger.  As reported last week, this new T6 Ranger will be made in Thailand and will have ESC stability control as standard, and side curtain airbags will be available.

T6 Ranger

Ford are also touting Trailer Sway Control and Adaptive Load Control that work with the ESC and anti-lock brakes.  One distinct advantage is the optional rear-view camera to provide additional protection for those in the immediate vicinity of the big Ford truck.

The T6 has traditional body-on-frame chassis construction, 230 mm ground clearance, deeper water-fording capability than its competitors and up to 1500 kg payload capacity, and the coil-over shock front suspension, hydraulically powered rack and pinion steering, and a new leaf spring rear suspension system are claimed to improve the driving dynamics.

The turning circle has been reduced to 11.8 meters and steering ratio features 3.5 turns lock to lock.

The new T6 was the largest design and engineering export project ever undertaken in Australia, and the T6 became the first truck created through the One Ford global product development strategy.

However, Mazda provided the platform chassis architecture for its BT-50 version, though Ford led the design and vehicle engineering for both brands.

The new Ranger is destined to be exported from Thailand to over 180 markets globally.