For once, I agree with Bernie


Bernie has come out and said it would be better if cash-strapped outfits quit F1 and are replaced by third cars from the bigger outfits.

The future of the struggling Caterham team has made headlines in recent weeks with its sale, but Ecclestone admitted that he would be “happy” if they had closed down.

The F1 commercial rights holder has now gone a step further by saying he would prefer it if the back-markers disappear from the grid and are replaced by third cars from some of the sport’s bigger teams.

“They should stop,” he told Italy’s Gazzetta dello Sport.  “If they do not have the money, they should close.  I am ready for a Formula One with eight teams and three cars each.  Is it better to see a third Ferrari or a Caterham?  Ferrari might find new sponsors in America and an American driver.  Great.  The same for the others.”

This is a sensible suggestion, as Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, Red Bull (already fielding four cars in actuality) could easily field three cars each.