Do you know where your car is. Right now?


Wouldn’t it be great if someone stole your car, but you could hit a “kill switch” and make it stop right where it is.  Right now!  Well, that technology is with us, right now.

I spent an interesting hour with Rob Scarr at Securitas to see the latest developments in GPS trackers, and came away amazed at the technology, and quite frankly, amazed at how inexpensive it is.

Securitas vehicle tracker. Securitas vehicle tracker.

Today’s trackers provide ‘real-time’ vehicle tracking and history which is so detailed it will take your breath away.  The very small device (and it really is a black box) will return information such as going over the pre-set speed limits, time sitting idling, collisions and towing.  All this is available through GPRS/GSM data-loggers.

All the above is in addition to giving an accurate position of where the car is to within five meters, and you can even see it on Google Earth/Google map.  You can erect ‘geo-fences’ which will automatically let you know if the vehicle strays outside from where it should be.

Of course the “kill switch” feature, by which you can cut the car’s ignition circuit will also make stealing your car far more difficult.  With one of these, your stolen car won’t even get to the Cambodian border!

Despite the fact that most new vehicles have burglar alarms, have you ever seen anybody do anything about a car parked at the side of the road with the flashers and horn going?  Even when it is being winched onto a slide-on truck!

With the costs of vehicles these days ranging from 500,000 baht for a cheapie, up to several millions of baht for luxury cars, simply having insurance does not get your car back, but a tracker can.  The Securitas tracker costs 795 baht + VAT per month on a three year contract, complete with free fitting, monitoring and reporting.  I reckon that’s a bargain.

If you want to know more, contact Rob Scarr at Securitas Thailand, 081 377 0122 or email [email protected]