Classic MG’s


The MG nameplate is synonymous with classic motoring. In every enthusiasts life there has been an MG, or a lusting for one. These days they are very much collectors items, and scarcity, rather than age or performance is the reason.

How many MG’s did they build?


Look at the K Types, for example, with 200 being built in 1933/34, but they only built 31 of the racing version, the K3. However, the last MG (with any direct historical succession) was the MGB and they built 523,836 of those. Scarcity is not a reason for MGB’s to become collector’s items.

Chatting with Jo Klemm about the Classic Car Show on the 25th of this month reminded me about classic MG’s, of which there will be a few, plus many other marques on display at the Asia Pattaya Hotel, Soi 4 Pratamnak. If you have an interest in cars of any age, this will be the biggest event of its type seen in Pattaya.