China attacks Europe



China, the world’s most populous nation, is not content to just making vehicles for home consumption, but is now entering the European market as European manufacturers.


For example, the Great Wall company has just opened a factory in Bulgaria, and like most Chinese cars they are inexpensive, with models ranging from just over 300,000 THB, drive away.  This company has 10 manufacturing plants in China and is predicting sales of half a million cars overseas per year.

Qoros. Qoros.

Chery, the largest producer in China now has a plant in Italy, having bought a Fiat plant in Sicily.  Taking a leaf from Toyota and Lexus, or Nissan and Infiniti and Honda and Acura, Geely has its own brand as well, called Qoros.

Geely is another powerful brand in China, and they already have a foot in Europe, having bought Volvo from Ford a couple of years back.  Geely will also sell under its own brand name in the UK, with a mid-sized car selling for 500,000 THB.

Beijing Automotive Industry Holding tried to buy Germany’s Opel, when GM was in the middle of its turmoil and bankruptcy, but GM hung on.  GM also hung on to the now bankrupt SAAB, but there are signs that GM might relent and let SAAB go over the Great Wall of China!