Bira races this weekend


The local Bira circuit is the venue for a packed motor racing schedule this weekend. This ranges from “club” style racing (run what you brung) to some very professional categories with many cars using this meeting as a shakedown for the Bang Saen ‘round the houses’ next weekend (November 24-29).

Headlining the meeting is the Isuzu pick-up challenge which always produces very close racing – sometimes too close! Another tooth and nail series is the Super 2000 sedans, who are not averse to a bit of leaning when necessary.

The Mighty TBX Mk1 Escort.The Mighty TBX Mk1 Escort.

My category is the Retro cars, which are all pre 1984 sedans, including Alfa Romeo, BMW E30 (with Urs Schonenberger top dog at present), Toyota DX and a couple of Mk1 Ford Escorts. My car, the TBX Mk1 Escort has been thoroughly worked over for this meeting, in the main chasing a high speed vibration, which turned out to be an out of balance prop shaft and a misalignment in the differential. With a dyno tune by Terry Wilson (AVO Turbo), the engine seems to be behaving itself, and the work put in by Thomas Raldorf in the drive line, we are hoping for some good results in both the F5 and F6 categories.

The Retro race timetable is:
Saturday 21 November
11.25 a.m. F5 Race
12.20 p.m. F6 Race
Sunday 22 November
3.45 p.m. F5 Race
4.25 p.m. F6 Race
Drop by the pits and say hello.