Bangkok International Motor Show embraces technology


(Bangkok – March 1, 2017) Grand Prix International Public Company Limited is now ready to host “The 38th Bangkok International Motor Show”, which will promote the concept of “Reach to the Planet of Technology”.

30 world leading car makers and 12 motorcycle manufacturers will join the show with their latest technology. The show will see the launching of more than 10 new models together with another 3 concept cars that represent the cutting edge automotive technology. It is believed that the event will help the Thai automotive industry to recover and is expected to stimulate the national economy at not less than 40 billion Baht. The show will be held from March 29 to April 9, 2017 at Challenger Hall 1 – 3, Impact Muang Thong Thani.

Dr. Prachin Eamlumnow, the President / CEO of Grand Prix International PLC and the Chairman of the 38th Bangkok International Motor Show revealed that the show this year is promoting technology, which is aimed to convey the unstoppable development of automotive technology and innovation.

“As usual, this year we are endorsed by our long time kind supporters, namely The Royal Automobile Association of Thailand under Royal Patronage, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Tourism & Sports, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Society of Automotive Engineers – Thailand, Thai Autoparts Manufacturers Association and the Kits and Accessory Parts of Motorcycle (Thai) Association.”

Motor Show “Pretties”.
Motor Show “Pretties”.

“The highlight still lie within every car and motorcycle maker. Thanks to the kind cooperation in which they are willing to come up with their new models including the latest ‘Concept Cars’. Visitors will not just have a chance to witness automobiles’ sleek and stylish design, but also able to experience numerous of new automotive innovations such as Plug-In Hybrid. A bigger number of this kind of electric powered vehicle is brought to showcase to let visitors understand how technological advance a future car for Thailand market would be.

“On behalf of the Organizer, we are confident in the uniqueness of Bangkok Motor Show. In addition to the exhibition of advance automobiles, it also creates an even livelier atmosphere for Thai auto market. Consumers are being offered an opportunity to make a decision from a wide variety of products in just one event. This is therefore the entire automotive industry is promoted and stimulated not just during the show alone but also after the show ended as well.”

Another important factor is the expiration of the first car campaign which required the owners to hold their right for five consecutive years. The campaign has been gradually ceasing since last October. As a consensus, these owners whose campaign will be soon come to its end may look for a new car in replacement of their current one. However, in what segment they are going to choose is yet unknown since they might opt for a bigger car or remain satisfied with the same segment. Plus the strictness of financial institutes to grant a loan to consumers has been reduced in order to allow them to own a car easier than the last few years.

The Bangkok International Motor Show runs from March 29 through to April 9. Plenty of cars, and even more “pretties”.