Autotrivia quiz – Friday July 27 – August 2, 2012


Last week I wrote that in May 1986 there was a historic motoring event in the USA.  I asked what was it?  It was in March 1896, Charles and Frank Duryea offered for sale the first commercial automobile, the Duryea motor wagon.

Two months later, New York City motorist Henry Wells hit a cyclist with his new Duryea.  The rider suffered a broken leg.  Wells spent a night in jail and the nation’s first traffic accident was recorded.

(Post script – I goofed! In last week’s quiz I inadvertently transposed the number in 1896 to make 1986. That certainly had the Googler’s confused! Sorry again, and I will write out 100 times “I must be more careful with my dates!”)

So to this week.  Which car in 1996 was the first to wear the manufacturer’s nameplate, instead of one of its brands?  Clue: think left hand side of the Atlantic ocean.  Remember I want the car, not the manufacturer.

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