Autotrivia Quiz – Friday February 24 – March 1, 2012


Last week I mentioned that we are used to the Vettel the Boy Vunder setting the fastest lap of the race on the final lap of the race, but that had been done many years before by Surtees in the Ferrari.  I asked what year and what track?  It was 1963 in Monaco.

And speaking of John Surtees, being the only man to win the world championship on two wheels as well as four, he should have been given a knighthood, before Wee Jackie.  Probably a bit late now, but we should keep that in mind.  Of course Surtees also had the heart-rending situation where his son was killed when a wheel flew through the air and landed in the cockpit.

So to this week.  What car is this?  Manufactured 1966 to 1974.  Built in many countries including Bulgaria, Egypt, Italy, India, Korea, Russia, Spain and Turkey.  It came in many body shapes from four door, two door, five door and coupe.  What was it?

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