Autotrivia Quiz


Last week I mentioned that mascots were designed by the auto manufacturers or were added to as after-market accessories by entrepreneurial brass foundries until the Health and Safety wallahs got involved. Remember the Humber Super Snipe with the rubber beak? However, one manufacturer had a naked lady with a four cylinder engine adorning the radiator. What make were these upon? It was the French firm of Ballot, a French manufacturer, initially of engines, that also made automobiles between 1919 and 1932. Édouard Ballot became well known as a designer of reliable engines. He helped Ettore Bugatti in developing his first engines. Finally taken over by Hispano Suiza in 1931, the firm only lasted another 12 months.

So to this week. What European car was built after WW2 using appropriated German tooling. It had been originally sold pre-war by a German company. What car was this?

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