Automated factories is the future


“Smart” technology and automated vehicles can take Thailand’s automotive manufacturers to the next level, a “Thailand 4.0” industrial seminar was told.

Winai Tripaichayonsak, director of the Industrial Maintenance and Management Center at the Thai-German Institute, opened the March workshop on making a strategic plan for the automotive industry at the Ambassador City Hotel in Jomtien Beach.

The meeting, attended by Chonburi manufacturers who comprise a “cluster network” of factories and part suppliers, are working with the Thai-German Institute to develop a model schema and operational plan that would integrate the various companies to share resources and become more efficient and competitive.

The two-day seminar focused on two parts of that plan, driverless, autonomous vehicles used to transport equipment and materials inside a factory, and “smart” technology to improve production processes.

Such technology, the audience was told, can monitor equipment use, send alerts when the equipment breaks down and measure productivity.

Both initiatives, the group was told, can help to reduce the cost of management and improve productivity and efficiency.