Another version of the 2-Stroke engine


Retired South African race driver and engineer Basil van Rooyen has received a special commendation from the Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia for his new take on the 2-stroke engine.

He has patented a direct-injected engine that he claims should meet the tough Euro 6 emissions standards using the 2-stroke as a constant-speed onboard generator for an extended-range hybrid vehicle.

He said it should also offer better emissions, smaller bulk and lower cost than the two-strokes that are found in the current offerings in outboard motors and recreational vehicles.

Now 73 and “retired”, Mr van Rooyen has been working on his radical two-stroke engine for four years.

He claims the new motor will eliminate the 2-stroke’s traditional drawbacks of poor emissions and vibration and finally capitalize on the advantages it has over four-strokes, being a high power to weight ratio and low production cost thanks to the elimination of the valve train.

Mr van Rooyen claims the use of unleaded petrol in a two-stroke means the engine will run as clean as a four stroke at constant speed.

So far, Mr van Rooyen has shown his design to some leading engine developers from companies such as Ilmor, Cosworth and Orbital Engine Corporation and “none has rejected its potential”.

He said his company was planning to raise $5 million in shareholder capital to pursue the development of the engine.