Another boost to the local vehicle production


News through this month of another new car from Suzuki’s Rayong plant.  Following on from the downsized engined Suzuki Swift eco-car, comes word of the Suzuki Alto, an even smaller vehicle which will also be eligible as an eco-car.  Currently the Alto is built in India, but the production will shift to Thailand after next year.

Projected prices for the Alto are below 350,000 THB, and with the 100,000 THB rebate for first time car buyers, this puts motoring within the reach of more people, and along with the increase in the minimum wage, expect roads full of Alto’s.

Whilst this is all good news for the new car buyers and the new car dealerships, the same cannot be said for the used car industry.  With so many new eco-cars under 450,000 THB, how much is a second-hand car going to be?  You will be seeing some bargains coming up very soon.

Suzuki Alto.Suzuki Alto.