An electric Mog?

Morgan EV3.
Morgan EV3.

The Morgan Car Company is probably the auto manufacturer most steeped in tradition in the UK. For example, the sliding pillar front suspension which was designed in 1919 is still being used today. The framework of the Morgan cars is still made out of wood! Likewise, the venerable three wheeled Morgan is still being built today. V twin petrol engine and all.

However, in an amazing step in the forward direction, Morgan has revealed the news that it is producing an EV, and even more radical, it will be a three wheeler!

The plug-in 3 Wheeler is called the Morgan EV3, with a 200-kilometre range, and it’s headed for production in 2018 after a two-year development program.

Although details of the showroom EV3 have just been announced in Britain, the Morgan 3 Wheeler will not go into production until next year.

“We’ll wait and see. At this stage it’s not scheduled for markets outside the UK,” says Morgan, “But it is shocking fun.”

The regular 3 Wheeler is powered by a Harley-Davidson style vee-twin engine that drives the rear wheel and it sells from A$103,900, with a range of dress-up items including World War II aircraft markings.

The EV3 is planned for production in the third-quarter of 2018 and, despite the traditional looks, it has been updated from the regular 3 Wheeler with everything from composite body panels to a 21 kilowatt-hour lithium battery and a liquid-cooled electric motor with up to 41.8 kilowatts of peak power.

The EV3 comes with claimed improvements to performance and handling over the usual 3 Wheeler, as well as fast-charging technology from Frazer-Nash Energy Systems.

But there is no detail on the pricing of the EV3 or the number that Morgan intends to build.