90 percent frustration and 10 percent fun!


I have, for many years, followed the dictum that motor racing is 90 percent frustration and 10 percent fun, but unfortunately, the fun is so good it brings you back for more. As I started motor racing in 1965, I think I have enough experience of this!

Last week I raced the TBX Retro Escort at the Bira circuit and after overcoming a few problems in Qualifying, we were looking good in the race – until – a BMW spun in front of me, kicking up a bucketload of stones and breaking the headlight and the windscreen, which then promptly fell in on me. Ever tried to drive fast while sitting on shards of glass?

The TBX Retro Escort with windscreen.

That was Saturday and with a new windscreen everything should have been fine on the Sunday – but everything wasn’t! The engine decided it would not rev over 4,000 RPM which meant I had no top speed. Entering the last corner of the last lap, a young chap decided to make a last minute lunge down the inside, pushing me off the track and into a gravel pit, where I stayed until pulled out. If nothing else, I know the towing hook is strong enough. I did receive a contrite ‘wai’ from the other driver, but I was severely miffed, to put it mildly.