Step-up Dance 2014 at Hard Rock Pattaya


Hard Rock Pattaya together with Boss Studio Dance are calling talented dancers from all corners of the Kingdom to compete in Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya’s Step-Up Dance’14 competition, the freestyle prize and battle taking place on 15 March.

For the third year running, the challenge is on, for boys and girls of any age and nationality, to compete either solo or in teams.  There are 3 dance categories: Poppin’ dance, 1 on 1 (Solo battle); Freestyle dance, 2 on 2 (Duo battle); and Team performance dance, (team battle) of 2-7 persons.  Styles can include break-dance, body-poppin’, jazz, contemporary, Latin, samba, salsa or others – you just name it and dance!

The winning prize for Poppin’ dance, 1 on 1 (solo battle) is worth THB 12,300 including cash, trophy and sponsor’s gifts.  The winner’s prize for Freestyle dance, 2 on 2 (duo battle) is worth THB 19,400 including cash, trophy and sponsor’s gifts, while top prize for Team Performance dance is worth THB 68,500 including cash, trophy and major sponsor’s gifts.

On top of that, the winners of all categories will be appointed as ‘Ambassador of Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya’, and spread the spirit of ROCK by having the opportunity to participate in all initiatives in the whole year, hosted by Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya such as Founder’s Day, Songkran and Wan Lai celebration, Hotel and Cafe anniversary celebration, Charity fund-raiser, Ms. Hard Rock Pattaya competition and many more.

For further information and application, visit and log on to the hotel’s official Facebook page at – Step-Up Dance’14.

Application for Poppin’ dance, 1 on 1 and Freestyle dance, 2 on 2 is open from now until March 15.  Team Performance dance is open from now till March 5.  The applicants must submit their application together with a VDO clip of their team performance via the hotel’s Facebook and/or directly to Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya only.

Call 038 428755-9, or email [email protected] for more details.