Carabao helps Pattaya Orphanage raise 1.5 million baht


Nearly 2,000 people packed the Alarngkarn Theatre to rock to the sounds of Carabao while raising 1.5 million baht for orphans at the Pattaya Orphanage’s second Love & Charity Concert.

Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh joined officials from the orphanage and the Human Help Network Thailand to welcome the 1,882 people who bought tickets ranging from 500-2,000 baht for the Oct. 18 extravaganza.

Aed Carabao and his seven piece band thrilled the audience at Alarngkarn Theatre on Oct. 18.

A stage performance kicked off the afternoon, with a presentation heralding the strengths of women, who were shown raising children, weaving, fishing, boxing, fencing, drumming, and sacrificing to work for their families.

Then 44 children from the Pattaya Orphanage and Sotpattana School played out a skit called “Som Tam” showcasing the culture of Northeast Thailand and its love of the spicy papaya salad.

Traditional dance shows preceded the main concert.

A color guard from the To Be No. 1 Foundation followed with 12 youths showing off their creative abilities.

Finally it was time for the headline act: Aed Carabao and his six band mates delighted the audience for 90 minutes with Carabao’s full library of hits.

HHN Director Radchada Chomjinda said the charity concert for orphans and hearing-impaired children was a great success as many charitable organizations had banded together to buy tickets to fund programs for the 160 orphans.

Audience members danced and sang along to Carabao’s medley of hits.

Children from the Pattaya Orphanage and Sotpattana School delighted the audience with their “Som Tam” skit.

Heavy drum beats accompanied a colourful Thai warrior dance performance.