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Friday August 27 - September 2, 2004

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Beach Road utilities go underground

‘Spaghetti’ cables and wires will disappear

Construction workers have begun digging up the sidewalk so that they can bury all cables and wires along Beach Road.

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City traffic woes to continue

Public opinion mixed on transport system measures

Solving the city’s traffic problems will take time, it was revealed at a meeting in city hall last week. The city’s latest program to deal with traffic woes, the designated bus routes trial, has received favorable opinions from the public, but continues to receive resistance from the Songtaew Co-operative.

Mayor Niran Wattanasartsathorn, who met with traffic researchers and the Songtaew Co-operative to discuss the results of the city’s 6-month designated bus routes trial, announced that despite opposition to the program, the baht bus co-operative must implement a strict code of conduct and that the city would enforce new routes.

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New Ministry of Commerce SME consulting center opened in North Pattaya



Central Wongamat Beach Resort holds sunset cocktail party

Management and guests interact during monthly sundowners

Sipping cocktails at sunset on the North Pattaya Beach is a sight to behold and that’s exactly what the management of the Central Wongamat Beach Resort had in mind when they recently held a party for many of their guests and regular customers.

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Pattaya’s Sikh community supports Camillian Center

Generous donations make life easier for residents

Father Giovanni Contarin, Camillian Center director, joined Pattaya’s Sikh community at the Sikh temple for religious services in which he accepted a donation of food and goods on behalf of the center.

Amrik Singh, Sikh community chairman, and members from the government and private sector donated rice, noodles, clothes and white goods to the center after learning that it was in need. It was also part of their tribute to HM Queen during her 6th cycle birthday celebrations.

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At a seminar organized by the HRH Princess Sirindhorn 36th Anniversary Vocational School and the Photisampan Phitayakarn School, Mrs. Sophin Tappajug, Associate Judge of the Chonburi Family and Juvenile court warned the youth about the dangers of unscrupulous people who fooled young people into the wrong path of vices and delinquency.

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Old friends remembered at the inaugural Tri-Nations PSC tournament

There but for The Grace Of God go I. It is the one certainty of life that we all entered this world; in the same way we were born. Along the path to the other certainty, death, much depends on how you are remembered, in how you played the game in your passing, and that is the ‘game of life’. There are those who disagree with the third certainty ‘Taxes’ so who am I to argue. Play it, life, well, and you will be remembered fondly, play it badly and all will want to forget you as soon as they can.

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