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Friday October 3 - October 9 , 2003

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HEADLINES [click on headline to view story]: 

Dr. Ron Schultz heads International School Eastern Seaboard

Pattaya’s Murray Hertz honored for his impact in the Las Vegas media

Jan Olav opens art exhibition at Burapha University titled “Friend and Me II”

Diana Institute for Development hosts training seminar on public speaking

Get ready for this year’s annual Pattaya UK Club Charity Dinner

Dr. Ron Schultz heads International School Eastern Seaboard

The International School Eastern Seaboard, Thailand, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Ronald Schultz as school superintendent. “After an exhaustive search and interview process we are pleased that Dr. Schultz will lead the growth and development of our school in the future,” said school CFO Charlie Chuvapituck.

Dr. Ron Schultz

Ron Schultz previously served as director of the American School of Qatar since 1999. Before that, he served as school head in Ethiopia, Zaire, and Turkey. In addition to their international school experience, Ron and his wife, Bonnie, have worked in school districts in South Dakota and Minnesota.

Dr. Robert Brewitt, director of ISE education, commented that, “Ron Schultz’s broad experience in midsize schools and his expertise in program development will certainly be an asset to ISE.”

Deborah Frketich, new ISE Elementary School Principal

The International School Eastern Seaboard also welcomes a new elementary principal, Deborah Frketich. Mrs. Frketich comes from British Columbia, Canada where she spent twenty-five years in teaching and administration. She earned her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Victoria, Canada in 1991 and her Masters Degree from the same university in 1996. Mrs. Frketich has a keen interest in curriculum development and has served on several school accreditation teams as a team member or leader.

Deborah Frketich

Pattaya’s Murray Hertz honored for his impact in the Las Vegas media

Murray Hertz, long-time Pattaya resident and presently president of Skๅl International, Pattaya and East Thailand, one of Thailand’s three chapters of the largest and most influential travel and tourism organization in the world, is to be given the Joe Delaney Award for Journalistic Excellence at a ceremony in Las Vegas on October 19, 2003.

Murray Hertz, long-time Pattaya resident, is to be given the Joe Delaney Award for Journalistic Excellence at a ceremony in Las Vegas on October 19, 2003.

Murray will be the second recipient of this coveted and highly-prestigious award, which will be presented by the Casino Legends Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, for his writing contributions and overall service to both tourism and the community. The award’s namesake, Joe Delaney, was recognized during the last ceremony held in October 2002.

Hertz is widely-known to many in Pattaya as a successful restaurateur and the founder of Cafe New Orleans Restaurant, as well as an active journalist and travel writer who currently is the editor and publisher of What’s On & Expat Newspaper in Manila, Philippines. In addition, Hertz is the founder and executive editor of What’s On, The Las Vegas Guide, the largest travel and tourism magazine in the State of Nevada.

Aside from spending most of the past five years in Pattaya, Hertz has lived and worked in Las Vegas since the early 1950s. He’s been a reporter and columnist for all of the city’s newspapers at one time or another. Hertz interviewed celebrities and covered the entertainment scene, as well as local politics. He wrote a series of articles for the Las Vegas Sun in the 1960s on food handling, and is credited as being responsible for the present-day law requiring testing for communicable diseases.

Hertz also specializes in travel writing. He’s been an active member in the Society of Travel Writers for over 40 years. In 1964, he received the prestigious George Hedman Memorial Award for International Travel Journalism for a series of articles he wrote on the Orient for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. His travel articles have appeared in major newspapers and magazines throughout North American and Asia.

Hertz launched the most popular visitors’ guide in Las Vegas and the State of Nevada - What’s On, The Las Vegas Guide. Next year will mark its 50th year in publication. The magazine had its start in 1954, when Hertz began publishing a small biweekly pamphlet called TV Log, Las Vegas that contained television and entertainment listings. Over the years, it grew both in distribution and editorial content. Filled with insightful interviews, articles and columns, it is now over 200 pages and has an ABC-audited circulation of nearly a half-million copies per month.

The Casino Legends Hall of Fame opened in 1999. It’s located in the Tropicana Resort, one of the oldest properties on the Las Vegas Strip. Steve Cutler, founder and curator of the museum, is responsible for the extensive memorabilia collection that celebrates the legends that made Las Vegas the gaming and entertainment capital of the world. There are more than 10,000 items on display in the 5,000-square-foot hall. The Hall of Fame has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Las Vegas and is an important chronicle of the history of Las Vegas.

Although Hertz has made his home in Pattaya for the past five years, he presently commutes between Pattaya, Manila and Las Vegas to oversee his business interests.

Jan Olav opens art exhibition at Burapha University titled “Friend and Me II”

Jan Olav Aamlid, that dynamic entrepreneur and well known man-about-town, recently presided over the opening of an art exhibition titled Friend and Me II. The exhibit featured paintings by Thai artist Jessada, who exhibited works in unison with Chinese-born artist Jieng Saeae-Choon, whom Jessada had met and befriended at Jieng’s solo exhibition at the “Au Bon Coin” Restaurant in Pattaya last year.

Jieng Saejern explains art to university students.

“Jieng”, Jan Olav pointed out, “was born in Hu-Nan, China, and now lives happily with his Thai wife here in Pattaya, greatly adding flavor and culture to our fair city.”

“This is not the first time Jessada has shown his talents, either,” Jan Olav continued. “He held an exhibition some three years ago which he called ‘Friend and Me I’, jointly with his good friend, co-student and fellow-artist, Pongsak Petmang.”

Jan Olav Aamlid opens the exhibition with Jessada Kangsamart (left) and Jieng Saejern (right).

“I purchased one of his works at that time, “Jan Olav recalled, “a painting Jessada called “Niti Thai” (roughly meaning, “How Thai people live”) and it continues to give me insights into Thai culture and way-of-life, constantly revealing new details.”

“This painting,” Jan Olav noted, “hangs over the sofa in our living room and constantly reminds Mio, our family and myself of Jessada and the more traditional Thai lifestyle which always makes us happy.”

Referring to Jieng again, Jan Olav pointed out that, although Jieng had no formal education in art, he loved to draw and chose to follow that path rather than the one which his father wanted for him: to practice ancient Chinese medicine - which he did study, but art is his true love.

There was a lesson in all this for Jan Olav, which he enthusiastically shared with his audience: “I believe all successful artists are happy when they work,” Jan Olav surmised, adding that “those who see an artist enjoying such work also attain to happiness - the best medicine in the world, according to most doctors.”

The exhibition ran until September 17 at Burapha campus before moving on to Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

Diana Institute for Development hosts training seminar on public speaking

Brendan Richards

The Diana Group’s Development Institute works on the philosophy of quality training for individuals for a better society. Last weekend, a seminar on the basics of public speaking was presented by Wannapa Wannasri, director of Pattaya Education Department and an emcee for over 20 years at many of Pattaya’s festivals and international events.

Wannapa Wannasri, director of Pattaya Education Department, focuses on the philosophical side of quality training to better society.

The course, conducted in Thai, was attended by school administrators, Diana group staff and yours truly - Pattaya Mail.

The main focus of the seminar was on practical training. Those attending the seminar took their turn at the microphone and ran through a variety of scenarios. This was followed by constructive feedback and further instruction, and then on to theory of successful public speaking.

It was a very informative day for all in attendance. Many had transformed and improved their speaking skills because they were eager to learn with guidance and patience.

Get ready for this year’s annual Pattaya UK Club Charity Dinner

Over 200,000 in raffles waiting to be won

The Pattaya UK Club is hosting their annual Charity Dinner on Saturday, October 25 at the Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa. The event, now in its 3rd year, has become a celebrated night among the English speaking community as members, guests and friends gather for a night of pomp and circumstance to raise funds for the Camillian Center in Rayong, aiding children born with HIV.

Andrew and Eileen share a romantic moment on the dance floor during last year’s charity dinner, especially with the addition of Eileen’s husband Norman, the prankster in the background.

2003 promises to bigger and better than last year with over 200,000 baht in raffle prizes for the taking. First prize is a trip for 2 on the Eastern and Oriental Express Bangkok-Chiang Mai, plus there are airline tickets from Emirates and Thai Airways as well as relaxation packages to Bangkok, Chiang Mai/Krabi/Hua Hin/Jomtien/Regal Hotel Hong Kong/Pansea Resort/Ayutthaya to be won, and plenty more.

So, why a charity dinner? The dinner in 2002 raised over 150,00 baht for children with HIV. Much of the funds go towards providing primary and secondary care for the children including medication, education and general necessities that they would otherwise go without.

Under the guidance of Father Giovanni Contarin, the children are educated and given a chance at a ‘normal’ life where they receive the love and affection that every child deserves, many of them having lost their parents to AIDS or having been discarded through fear by the real families.

The Pattaya UK Club has been supporting the Camillian Center for the last couple of years and helped create a caring environment for these children whose lives are shortened through no fault of their own.

As mentioned above, the venue is the Marriott Resort & Spa Pattaya, Saturday October 25, 7.30 p.m. till late. Dinner tickets are 1,500 baht. Members are discounted to 1,300 baht. Includes live music/Thai & international buffet/free bar. Draw tickets 60 baht each or 10 for 500 baht. Contact: pattaya_ukclub @hotmail.com or Christina 09 545 4185. Hope to see you there!

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