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Pattaya ’s unique shopping scene

Pattaya’s unique shopping scene: “Mix and Match” at Decorum

by Lesley Warner

“Mix and match”

What a wonderful shop Decorum Furniture is. I felt like I was walking through time across the globe; the furniture designs come from all over the world and can be from any era, it doesn’t matter whether it is 1760 or 1960. I spoke to Mr. Georges who told me they have been established in Pattaya for 2 years and try to cater for any taste in furniture

Mr. Georges showed me how you could have the best of every country and every era, in his words, “Nice decoration is like a good marriage, you mix and match for a comfortable result.”

Spoilt for choice

Many of the 3-piece suites come to Thailand from other countries to be assembled here and then sent back. It is interesting to look at the different designs from England, America, Germany and Italy; you can see the difference in culture just from looking at a chair.

The suites are mainly in leather but some are in Alcantara (a copy of deerskin). The beautiful mirrors and some of the ornaments are original creations by an Irish artist and the china, wood and wonderful lamps are exquisitely done by Thai artists.

Everything to choose from

My time is definitely the 1930s, and I fell in love with a beautiful coffee table; a reproduction of a table that was destroyed when Crystal Palace in London was burned to the ground.

Decorum makes it easy for you, they come and look at your home, measure it, design it and then draw you a picture complete with furniture. This means you can actually visualize the results before you spend your money and they give you 2 to 3 options to choose from.

Sleep in luxury

I asked Mr. Georges, “why so many countries?” He explained that every country has a specialty, e.g. in Thailand it’s bronze, in Burma it’s wood. At Decorum the aim is to have the best from everywhere.

For more information telephone (038) 420 203 or e-mail: [email protected]

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