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This vegetarian is fed up

Annoyed at Annoyed Aussie

Reply to Mr Harry Wilkins

Reply to open diatribe

See the improvements!

Wake up America

No booze on Election Day

This vegetarian is fed up

Dear Editor;

Since my letter complaining about the lack of vegetarian food in Pattaya was published in your paper, I have learned from talking to other foreigners in town that there are far more vegetarians here than I previously thought. I’m therefore hoping that if this paper publishes one more letter by me I can build some momentum to not only promote vegetarianism but to do something about the overall problem of animal abuse in Pattaya.

Practically everything the tourism department promotes here involves animal abuse, such as elephant shows, monkey shows, tiger zoos and fishing. Elephant “performers” are not only overworked but it’s well documented that many elephant trainers beat the elephants to make them learn unnatural tricks which serve no purpose other than to amuse stupid humans. Some tourist agencies even promote cockfighting! Do these people have any human feeling at all?

And finally I must once again remind readers about the barbaric conditions that the birds being sold along the beach endure. They are so cramped in those cages that I’m convinced that some of them suffocate.

If you’re just half as angry as I am than contact me (or leave a message) at Twin Palms Resort on 2nd Road near the newspaper. I’m fed up!


Eric Bahrt

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Annoyed at Annoyed Aussie

Dear Annoyed Aussie,

It amazes me, an expat American living here in Thailand, that someone would be so shortsighted to think that Pattaya is the whole of Thailand, and that one would expect the whole country to change its laws to convenience the very few tourists, in one town of one single province, so that they may partake an alcoholic drink on one of the very few “Election Days” in Thailand. If I may be so bold as to suggest that at one time there used to be a term applied to Americans who were so full of themselves that they sought to impose their ideas of what is right and wrong on another country’s way of living, that term was “Ugly Americans”. I think in this case the appropriate term would be “Ugly Aussie”. I for one find it refreshing that a populace would drive 8 hours to a small village and stand in line for 4 hours just to cast their vote. I don’t think it will cause any harm to the rest of us to forego that sudsy refreshment for one day, and show some respect for the laws and feelings of the people and government that hosts us here in one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, let alone had the privilege to reside in.


Dennis Bird

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Reply to Mr Harry Wilkins


Poor Mr. Harry (Pattaya Mail 5 January). I have lived here for 10 years and have never been robbed, beaten or had any problems with the local police. I think you have to learn the Thai way of live better. Pattaya has become a big city with all kinds of entertainment, but like in every big city there are some problems.

I think Pattaya is still a safe city. In Europe the people are afraid to come out their houses after dark, afraid to get robbed or beaten for money by drug addicts or other criminals. In Europe (Belgium and Holland) the children are not even safe in daylight, afraid to be raped or kidnapped by sick pedophiles, and you say that Pattaya is bad and dangerous. Try Brussels by night and let me know which city is safer.

Moving to Phuket or Chiang Mai won’t change a thing, but then you can complain that everything is more expensive, etc... Pattaya is a nice and safe city and we farangs who work and live here respect that and don’t look for trouble with the locals because we understand them. Good luck in Brussels after dark!

Patrick the Belgian

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Reply to open diatribe

Dear Editor,

I felt I had to respond to the tedious diatribe of one Mr. Harry Wilkins. The name Harry Wilkins would suggest a man of definite Anglo Saxon background. However, the man’s use of the English language would suggest a home base more local, possibly Udon. I have heard better English from bargirls of 3 years standing. I understand our mayor to be an intelligent and articulate man with a fair grasp of English; however, he would be forgiven if he made no sense of Harry and his boring and repetitive preamble...

The first thing that struck me was that Harry has waited until he left our city before releasing his bile and therefore joins that exclusive and cowardly club of journalists, camera crews and presenters who come here, sup from the pleasure bowl and then go away and give us a good slagging. It is also worthy of note that Harry complains much about kathoeys and hookers from East Europe, etc., but appears to have spent most of his time in the Walking Street or Beach Road after 2pm, a little suspect I think. He carps on about not being able to “sleep on Jomtien” and being woken by traders; this is codswallop.

In all I find his nitpicking and grumbling almost offensive if it were not so comical. He says that all his friends who share his views have gone to Chiang Mai or Phuket and good riddance say I and I suppose that Phuket would be a natural choice for Harry due to the lack of kathoeys!

This unique and wonderful city of ours has its faults, as does my previous homes of London and Miami, but I still feel its the best city on earth, a view also shared I believe, by my 88 year old father and 3 year old daughter, and we are well rid of the Harrys of this world.

Happy New Year,

Richard Rhodes

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See the improvements!

Dear Editor:

Your much esteemed newspaper prints all kinds of stories and reports about what happens in and around Pattaya. Most of the stories are sad, depicting our town as a place of crime, drugs, sex and whatever. Sure we have that - so does every city in the world. One of your series is Bay Watch.

Please take it by the name and watch the bay. What you can see now is beautiful clear water in Pattaya Bay, stretching from Dusit Resort to Siam Bayshore Hotel. But you never mention it. Look at Jomtien Beach and you have the most polluted waters of Pattaya. But you never mention it. Did you ever know that untreated wastewater is flowing directly in the sea at Island View Bay; to be exact at the tip where the rocks are? Take a picture there and see how this water is darkening the sea up to Royal Cliff Beach Resort.

The best place to stay and swim nowadays is Pattaya Bay. Not too many vendors, not too much noise from water-scooters and no gay beach like Tong Tan where one must be careful not to take children along to see the sex-games happening there all day long. Only a little of the always whining and complaining writers to Postbag know Pattaya since 1977 and have stayed here for 23 years in a row. So please note that Pattaya Bay is back to its glory of 1982. After that year the pollution began and is stopped now. Even the klong running through Siam Bayshore, once clear water, is improving now and soon will be no more. All the big pumps are working but little interest is shown from your side to report about it, except a small article some weeks ago. Please do what a newspaper should do: inform your readers about improvements. Still everybody thinks Jomtien Beach has the best water - they do not realise that they are swimming in dangerous waters. Jomtien is not connected yet to the wastewater treatment-system!

Axel Borsdorf

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Wake up America

Dear Editor;

I have never written the Pattaya Mail before. I am so tired of the media knocking Pattaya...

This is reply to the article “Social Commentary by Khai Khem, Let’s keep our sense of humour” (Pattaya Mail, Friday 12 January, Vol. IX No. 2). Frankly, it is not easy to keep one’s sense of humor when it comes to the American media.

I have lived in Pattaya for 14 years and have observed many things come and go. Yes, Pattaya is an amazing place to live and visit. It is not the jungle many Americans believe. Pattaya City has many fine hotels, as well as beautiful homes and condos. It has wonderful shopping centers, good hospitals, and many excellent doctors. Those of us who eat out enjoy marvelous restaurants. In my opinion, this is as Western as one would want.

Hopefully I will never have to return to America. My country has made me very sad, and the American media certainly does not help the situation.

I was an enlisted man in the US Navy during World War II, serving in the Philippines, and as a reserve officer in the US Army during the Korean War. I don’t believe I am an unworthy American for being disappointed and sad with my country. Yes, I still pay US taxes every year.

I have three sons, one daughter and six grandchildren. All of them understand that I would rather not return to America unless there is a dire emergency. Two of my children have visited Pattaya, and they find it hard to understand the inaccuracy of the media.

As the article by Khai Khem states, and I quote, “Now that the USA finally has a president, the media can get back to serious stuff, like lampooning Pattaya.” I am proud to say I live in Pattaya, a city that has given me wonderful hospitality, comfort and pleasure. Please America: get wise to what is going on in the rest of the world. You don’t have to believe all you read in the newspapers.


A resident of Pattaya,


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No booze on Election Day


I read with amazement the letters in the Pattaya Mail, Bangkok Post and the Nation complaining about the fact that bars couldn’t serve liquor on election day. All of the letters had two things in common.

First, the letters all said that as tourists they weren’t allowed to vote so they shouldn’t have to obey the law. Why? This is Thailand. The laws are Thai. Foreigners complain when Thailand treats them differently at the Crocodile Farm but now demand that they be treated differently on election day. I guess it’s only wrong to have two sets of rules for foreigners and residents if the foreigners don’t benefit.

Gentlemen, you’re in Thailand. Those are the laws. I hate to say “love it or leave it” but...

Second, the letters all refer to being punished or penalized by having to go an entire day without a drink. God forbid. Gentlemen, if you are incapable of having a good time on your holiday when you’re required to spend an entire day without a beer, then may I suggest that you check yourself into The Betty Ford Center. You have a serious problem.

I think I’ll go have a beer now.

Frequent Farang

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