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Count back needed to decide Rosie O’Gradys Inaugural Charity Scramble

The Pattaya Mail PC Classic joins the yachting circuit

UNICEF and former PM Anand Panyarachun to host golf tournament

TQ 1 Bob wins four with great bowling

Weekend full of racing at RVYC

Achieving the goal of improving general well being

Panthers gather for annual meeting

New Year Joy for Mr Loy

Ottaway and Swanson win the week

PSC Golf Charity Classic 2001

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Count back needed to decide Rosie O’Gradys Inaugural Charity Scramble

On Friday 5th January, 124 golfers arrived at Phoenix Golf Course to compete for the Rosie O’Grady’s Charity Cup. The event was played as 4 person scramble, which is always a popular format and this was no exception.

‘Rosie’s’, a recent addition to the golfing venues in Pattaya, are keen to contribute to local charities and mine host, Bill Lloyd saw such an event as the ideal opportunity to introduce Rosie’s and at the same time help the locally disadvantaged. The proceeds from this event, some 20,000 baht was handed over to PSC’s Charity account to be used for future projects.

The winning ‘Not the Bandits’ team

Bill, a non-golfer, enlisted the aid of pro Adam Grimshaw to put this event together and given the short lead up time, he did a fine job producing a smooth running event.

The weather, cloudy and reasonably cool, was ideal for golf, but for those not used to local humidity it may have been a bit taxing. To cover this contingency the organizers had a refreshment cart patrolling each nine and 20 cartons of amber fluid were dispensed during the game. Carlsberg and Heineken were possibly being blamed for some of the poorer scores. This proved a double whammy for the team from TJ’s Bar, captained by John Rainsford, as this team returned the worst score of the day. The punishment for their performance was a keg of Carlsberg donated by Deborah Services.

Runners-up: ‘Thai Connection’ with Bill Lloyd (left)

Carlsberg featured prominently amongst the prize donors with shirts, caps, bags and kegs distributed to winners and lucky door ticket holders.

Nearest the keg with tee shot were competed for on the Mountain 3 and Ocean 8 holes. The respective winners were Ronan Sheridan and Robbie Bennet.

Dewars Whiskey came to the party and supplied a bottle of their finest plus apparel for the winner of the longest putt on Ocean 4, won by Keith Hector.

Ronnie Johnson and Mikael Anderson took home Johnnie Black, Guinness sports bags and other items for accurate drives on Mountain 5 and Ocean 9.

Mikael Anderson was again successful in the long drive section as he and Ian Warwick won more whisky bags and apparel for their efforts on Mountain 2 and Ocean 9.

To complete the technical section, Deborah Services donated 4 Callaway putters for near the pins prizes.

The competition was of a fairly high standard, helped by the weather and the condition of the course. Some very good scores were returned but none better than 57.5 of the 1st and 2nd teams. A count back was used to determine the team to hold the trophy. ‘Not the Bandits’ got the verdict over ‘Thai Connection’. P. Hall, S. Goodwin, S. Burke and K. Taylor made up the winning team and the runners-up were M. Trayling, E. Trayling, C. Williams and P. Boonsai. All eight players received trophies and numerous prizes.

Presentations took place at Rosie O’Gradys later in the evening. The mood there was relaxed and happy and following a fine helping of Irish stew and the odd Ale, prizes were awarded.

Following the trophy giving, lucky draw prizes were distributed, and the list of goods was valued at 40,000 baht and included a television, several top quality golf bags, Moet Chandon Champers, Scotch Whisky and much more. This made for many happy campers. All in all it was an excellent day out. Well done Bill and Adam.


Winners: ‘Not the Bandits’ - P. Hall, S. Goodwin, S. Burke, and K. Taylor

Runners-up: ‘Thai Connection’ - Mam Trayling, Ed Trayling, C. Williams, and P. Boonsai

Near pins: M4 M. Ristikaario, M8 Ray Ryan, O5 Mam Trayling, and O7 S. Goodwin

Long drives: M2 Ian Warwick and O9 M. Anderson

Nearest the line: M5 R. Sonsson and O3 M. Anderson

Longest first putt: O4 K. Hector

Nearest the keg: M3 R. Sheridan and O8 R. Bennett

Worst team score: TJ’s Bar

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The Pattaya Mail PC Classic joins the yachting circuit

by Peter Cummins

Over the past few years, the Pattaya Mail has supported all forms of marine sports, particularly sailing, cruising and yacht racing - this last in the form of sponsorship of two international events held off the Royal Varuna Yacht Club in October 1998 and March 2000, respectively.

So, “joining the yachting circuit” as the headline notes, is not new to the newspaper voted the Best in the East by the local journalists’ association for three successive years. This time, however, the Pattaya Mail is moving in to sponsor a popular annual event established in 1995, and the race will be known henceforth as the “Pattaya Mail PC Classic”.

Lasers will form a major fleet for the 2001 “Pattaya Mail PC Classic”

This year’s sailing will take place on Saturday the 24th of February and it is expected that there will be big combined fleets for the event which will finish in front of one of Pattaya’s best-known beach resorts.

The Mail will be running a series of features in the lead-up to the end of February and details will be published as soon as they become available.

Genesis of a yacht race

When one reaches one’s fifth cycle, sixtieth birthday, it usually precipitates a number of rather drastic changes in life, lifestyle, employment, attitude and innumerable other factors. Down Pattaya way in March 1995, when Peter Cummins reached his magic six-zero, none of these changes were really evident. In fact, for the newest member to join the ranks of the ‘swinging sixties’, it was just a continuation of what he always did - practically nothing! Rather, he joined the then one-year old Mail as the sailing scribe.

To help him celebrate this milestone in an ‘appropriate manner’, the Royal Varuna Yacht Club laid on a huge party and organized a yacht race, of course - the “PC Classic”. In true yachtsman’s style in fact, there were two yacht races - totalling just two hours in the life of the 525,960 hours (including the 360 extra hours of the 15 leap years and the two hours of racing) that Peter had been enjoying up until then.

The Pattaya Mail constantly endeavours to improve the environment and contribute to the overall well being of Pattaya and the Eastern Seaboard - and, consequently, the lives of the east coast denizens. There is no more positive evidence than the Mail’s active participation in and enormous media coverage of the myriad daily sporting activities from Sattahip to Sriracha and everywhere in between.

Now, by promoting the “Pattaya Mail PC Classic” in perpetuity, the newspaper is simultaneously promoting the resort, which can only benefit from exposure of an environmentally friendly activity.

Watch this space for more details on the first big yacht race of the new millennium!

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UNICEF and former PM Anand Panyarachun to host golf tournament

Former Prime Minister Anand Panyarachun and HE Gamini Abeysekera, UNICEF representative for Thailand have announced the establishment of an annual golf tournament to raise funds for UNICEF programs in Thailand. The tournament, titled the Khun Anand Panyarachun Charity Golf Invitational for UNICEF, is scheduled for Saturday, January 27, 2001 at the Eastern Star Golf Resort & Country Club in Ban Chang, Rayong Province.

Khun Anand, who is also the UNICEF ambassador for Thailand, will host a private reception for major sponsors at his residence at the golf course the evening before the tournament. Organisers say that they hope to combine the growing popularity of golf in Thailand with an internationally recognized organization such as UNICEF to raise money for disadvantaged children in Thailand.

The tournament will be an invitational event, and the number of golfers will be limited to ensure an enjoyable golfing experience for the participants. The format will be a four-ball scramble, with a large selection of technical prizes, a lucky draw, and the winning team to receive the “Khun Anand-UNICEF Cup” to be presented by Khun Anand at the awards ceremony on Saturday evening. All proceeds and donations will go to help support UNICEF programs in Thailand.

The Eastern Star Golf Resort & Country Club features an eighteen hole championship Robert Trent Jones, Jr. golf course that has been the venue for many local and regional tournaments. It is one of five Robert Trent Jones, Jr. courses in Thailand, and is located in Ban Chang, Rayong Province, next to U-Tapao Airport.

UNICEF - The United Nations Children’s Fund - has been active in Thailand for more than fifty years providing education, research, protection, health care, and support for the rights of children. In numerous projects throughout Thailand, UNICEF helps develop families and communities, helps underprivileged children in need of special care, promotes education for life, and strengthens local planning to assist in better local child monitoring and protection.

For additional information, please contact: Kajorn Veerapong, UNICEF Office for Thailand, tel. (02) 280-5931 X 808, fax (02) 281-6032 - 3, email [email protected] or Tom Cole at Eastern Star Golf Resort, tel. (038) 630410-6, fax (038) 630418 or email [email protected]

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TQ 1 Bob wins four with great bowling

Pattaya Sports Club Friday Bowling League

With the league in its final month, every point counts and TQ 1 Bob looked like they were bowling for the championship with Captain Suda bowling a 510 series, Jim 513, Aun 522 and Wan 487, to take four points from last place Snowman.

Three Sisters, with balanced bowling from all of their players, won three points from Cafe Kronborg and overcame a fine performance from Kran who had a 538 series.

Cafe Ole held on to third place behind good bowling from Captain Jon with a 548 series and Nual with a day’s best 215 game, 526 series to win three points from VFW Post 9876. Ken, bowling for the VFW team, bowled a 201 game, 503 series in a losing cause.

House of the Golden Coin took three points from Lewiinski’s despite good bowling by Hartmut from Lewiinski’s who bowled a 204 game, 528 series.

With only four weeks remaining in this league and a total of 16 points to be won or lost, five teams still are in the running for the three top spots to gain team trophies for their players.

Team Standings  Points  5 Jan results  Points behind

Three Sisters
TQ 1 Bob
Cafe Ole
Cafe Kronborg
VFW Post 9876
House of the Golden Coin

61.5 - 42.5
58 - 46
56 - 48
53 - 51
53 - 51
49.5 - 54.5
45 - 59
40 - 64

3 - 1
4 - 0
3 - 1
1 - 3
1 - 3
1 - 3
3 - 1
0 - 4


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Weekend full of racing at RVYC

The Royal Varuna Yacht Club has scheduled a full slate of racing for this weekend. On Saturday, January 13 the Winter Series 2001 begins. Then on Sunday, January 14, two regattas will be held: the Great Laser Island Race and the Multihull Koh Larn Regatta.

All members of the RVYC and their invited guests are eligible to participate.

Saturday’s briefing will be held at 13:00 with races beginning at 14:00. Sunday’s briefings will be held at 10:00 a.m., with races beginning for the Great Island Laser Race at 10:30 a.m. and the Multihull Koh Larn Regatta at 11:00 a.m.

The courses for Saturday will be variations of RVYC standard courses with 2 back-to-back races. There will be an 80-minute time limit per race, 15 minutes between first and last boat. Prizes will be awarded 1 prize for every 5 boats counted as the average per race.

For Sunday’s Great Laser Island Race, there will be a beach start “Le Mans”. Start with helms staggered on the beach by skill factor (as decided by the fleet captain) from windward to leeward. Course will be north mark to port, Koh Larn to port, south mark to port, finish line at the club flagpole. Time Limit: 6 hours. One prize will be awarded for every 5 boats.

For Sunday’s Multihull Koh Larn Regatta, Hobie 16 and Nacra can race separately if 5 or more boats in each class participate. Course: Club starting line, Koh Chun to port, Koh Larn to port, south mark to port, club finishing line. Time Limit 3 hours for first boat, 4 hours for last boat. Prizes will be awarded for each class, 1 prize for every 5 boats.

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Fitness Tips : Achieving the goal of improving general well being

G’day Readers, fitness tips this week comes again from something that I have been working on for the members at Dusit. Yes, some parts of the programme are exclusive but the gist of it needs to be shared in the interests of helping anyone trying to achieve the goal of improving their general well being.

Take from it what you will and please give me a yell if I can be of any further assistance.

What is Odd about the 2001 Fitness Odyssey?

We are going to teach you not only how the exercise with an exciting motivational programme but we are going to teach you how to stretch those tired muscles after the workout and then how to feed them for optimal results regardless of your personal goal.

Then we are going to put you in a stylish T-shirt and throw a party to congratulate you on achieving your goal.

Promises only we at Dusit Resort Sports Club can offer.


1. Gym or cardio session plus stretch: 2 points for 1 hour of either + 10 minutes

2. Aerobics class: 2 points for 1 hour.

3. ฝ Triathlon: 5Km treadmill, 4,000 meters on the rowing machine, 5Km bike and stretch. 2 points

4. Full Triathlon: Run Beach Road, swim 30 long laps of Chaba pool, 5Km bike and stretch. 4 points

Stretching: After all training sessions have finished, 20 seconds per stretch is fine initially. Please remember not to bounce into any stretch and, as with weight lifting, when stretching, as you put resistance onto your body, always exhale as the resistance comes on. Please perform the stretches in this order, as this will allow you greater ease of access to the muscle fibers as well as the nerve endings of the large muscle groups.

1. Gluteus. Sitting down, 1 leg straight out in front of your body with the other leg crossed over and bent up close to your chest. Wrap both arms around this bent leg to feel a stretch in your behind. Hold 1 leg for 20 seconds then change. As you progress you can lift the bent leg for greater effectiveness by keeping your back straight and leaning back.

2. Calf (back of lower leg) & Hamstring (back of upper leg). 1 leg forward, held straight, back leg bent and supporting body weight. Front foot’s toes up as high as possible and push hips back to feel stretch in the back (hamstring) of the front leg as well as the back, lower section of that leg. Keep your back straight and your head up. Swap legs and repeat after 20 seconds.

3. Quadriceps (front of thigh) & Hip flexor (front of hip). Standing up, take 1 long stride forward and stop. Bend both knees and keep your hands to the sides for balance, tuck your hips under and push them forward. You should feel a stretch in the hip above your back leg as well as the front of the same side thigh. Swap legs and repeat after 20 seconds.

4. Back and rear shoulder. Sitting with your legs together and your knees bent so they are up almost under your chin, wrap your arms under your thighs and hold onto your elbows. Curving your spine back, slowly push back, keeping your chin up and exhale as you push back. Hold for 20 seconds then relax.

5. Chest and front shoulder. Standing up, take your hands behind your back and clasp them together, straighten your arms, push your shoulders back and slowly lift your arms back until you feel a comfortable stretch in the front of your shoulders or even your chest. Exhale as you lift your hands back and keep your head up. Hold for 20 seconds then relax.

6. Side shoulder. Hold your right arm straight out to the side, keeping it straight move it to cross over your chest, use the left hand to hold above the right elbow and pull the right arm into your chest. Keep your right arm at shoulder height for 20 seconds then change.

7. Neck. Arms by your sides back straight either seated or standing, slowly lower your right ear towards your right shoulder until you feel a comfortable stretch. Keep you head neutral and slowly change sides. No need to go forward nor backwards. Only using the weight of your head, please don’t use your hands to pull your head lower than it would naturally go.

What else do you need to know?

To achieve your goal, first see David or one of our qualified instructors about a programme that will satisfy your needs.

Then ask David for a copy of his “Wham” healthy eating in Thailand book and get your name on the scoreboard at the club before the 22nd of January so you can get started on the first day.

Average 8 points a week and you will be very happy come the end of the programme.

Weight Loss Tips:

* Perform a half hour of cardiovascular exercise daily. If you are just starting a fitness routine - just start walking!

* Train with weights 3 to 5 times per week to speed up your metabolism and improve your lean body mass as opposed to you fat mass.

* Eat often – six small meals per day is advisable, starting when you wake up. Try to space your meals three hours apart.

* Include fruit, vegetables and/or protein bars (with low carbohydrates) as a snack. A snack can count as a meal.

* Try not to eat the same things every day. Vary your meals so that your calorie intake fluctuates somewhat.

* Consume protein at every sitting and eat most of your carbohydrates early in the day, so that they burn off by evening.

* Try not to eat past 8 p.m. (sounds like gremlins).

* Drink 2 liters of water daily. If you can’t - do your best. Avoid juices, milk and regular beer. Light beers are OK and the only hard liquor should be vodka & club soda – lowest calories.

* Cheat on your diet one day per week. That’s right, you heard me. One day per week, the same day every week, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. - cheat! Eat whatever you want, as much as you want and have no guilt. This will help your weight loss by easing your mind and tricking your body’s metabolism and avoid plateauing. Look forward to that cheat day, live for it, buy ONLY once per week - Monday through Saturday is by the book.

Carpe Diem

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Panthers gather for annual meeting

Shenanigans Pattaya Panther Rugby Club held their raucous annual general meeting at Shenanigans Irish Pub Pattaya. (From left to right): Mark Coondes, Jeremy Coles, the man known as Kretch, Mike Kelly and David Garred.

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New Year Joy for Mr Loy

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society from the Bunker

The first tournament of the New Year saw a huge turnout of Bunker boys on Tuesday January 2. Forty-seven travelled to Century Chonburi to play a Stableford competition.

The cut was at 19 handicap and the division two winner was Hardy Holtz with 42 points. He was followed by both Stan “Cheers” Axon and Japan’s Yuzo Nikishawa on 37 points. The rest of the field in division two enjoyed good scores as well.

Division one saw handicaps range from five to nineteen and this group was very competitive. In third place came Paul “Houdini” Butler on 36, in second with 37 points was Mike Larsen, playing on his home course, but the winner with 39 points was mine host of the Bunker, Mr. Loy, whose round included nine pars from the opening thirteen holes. However, the wheels came off his wagon once again at the end of the round. Time to see a good mechanic, Tiger!

Nearest-the-pin awards went to Wilf Latham, struggling through the after-effects of his recent pneumonia, Michael Dige, Neil Hughes and De St. Croix.

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Ottaway and Swanson win the week

Pattaya Sports Club Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Thursday, January 4 - Bangpra (Stableford)

Single handicapper Darren Ottaway won the A flight with a creditable 37 points on January 4 when 39 PSC golfers from the Cafe Kronborg converged on Bangpra for a Stableford competition.

Lee Messenger finished second in A flight with 36 points, followed by Andy Wilkinson in third with 35 points and Rick Montana in fourth with 34.

John Swanson won the B flight with 40 points. John had an incredible 26 points on the back nine!

Pete Galle finished second in the B flight with 36 points, followed by Herb Schwietermann in third place with 34 points and John Cahill in fourth with 33.

Near pins went to Udo Wack (2), Markku and Bill Hewitt.

Long putts were won by Dave Richardson on #9 and Rainer Helling on #18.

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PSC Golf Charity Classic 2001

You now have only one week left to enter this most worthy charitable golf event to be held next Friday, 19th January at the Phoenix Golf Course. Not only do the proceeds go to a most worthy cause but the very popular and unusual format ensures that each player has a great and memorable day.

The format is a single Stableford with a difference - each player gets 24 Mulligans to use at any time, but not more than 2 per hole. With very worthwhile technical prizes valued in all at bht 120,000, together with uncountable lucky draws following the golf with a value in excess of bht 300,000, this is a tournament not to miss.

All proceeds will go towards the new Girls Home at the Pattaya Orphanage Street Kids Centre located off Siam Country Club Road.

No tournament of this nature can be successful without the very generous support of numerous sponsors, both large and small. The following is a listing of those who have confirmed sponsorship to date:

Rosie O Grady’s, Shenanigans, Royal Cliff Sports and Fitness Club,Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya,Bruno’s Restaurant, Baltex, Pattaya Driving Range, Captains Corner Restaurant, Mermaid’s Dive Shop, Sher’e’ Punjab Restaurants, Pattaya Mail, Ali Baba Restaurant, Great Lake Golf & Country Club, Phoenix Golf Course, Pattaya Hash House Harriers, Bill Collis, Cafe Kronborg, Papasan Ray Rogers, Lewiinski’s Hotel & Restaurant, Kronborg PSC Golf, Diana Group, Team Canada, Bill Thompson, Crathco Ltd, The Jesters, Tahitian Queen, Far East Rock/Las Vegas A Go Go, Blue Parrot Restaurant, The Wild Chicken, Classic Tailor, Good Golf Pattaya, Deborah Services Ltd, Eddie Blackwell, Brian Ellis and Ron Herbert.

There are many more still to come and ensures that the tournament will be a great success. Please sign up quickly as it looks like it is filling very fast.

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