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VOL.VIII NO.1     -      7   January  2000

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His Majesty the King addresses the nation

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great addressed the nation on 31 December 1999, with a message broadcast on radio and television. HM the King sent His best wishes to the people of Thailand and expressed his sincere gratitude to the entire nation for joining in the celebration of his 72nd Birthday and 6th Cycle.

His Majesty talked of the many changes occurring in the Kingdom in the past years both in the administration of the country and in the lives of each and every person. He asked the Thai people to continue on adjusting to the developing changes in order for the nation to prosper and survive.

“I have a strong desire for everyone to understand the current situation as it actually exists requiring improvements and efficient development. The method to help achieve this realization is by correcting our way of thinking by setting national interests as the desired goal rather than selfish interests turning into unnecessary conflicts.

“We must consult one another and realize we are all relatives and friends living together in Thailand with everyone having the same task of collectively achieving the desired results for the benefit of the country as a whole. The combined efforts of each and every individual consist of improving the development of the nation until the goal is achieved.

“I ask everyone to set their aims on helping achieve the goal of developing the nation by individually working to the best of one’s abilities for the good of the nation as well as for the good of oneself by realizing when one has obtained enough and seize the opportunity to join in the effort of working for the good of the nation as the highest goal.”

His Majesty concluded his message by beseeching the Buddhist Dharma to look after the happiness of the Thai people, protect them from suffering and provide them with the strength, will and wisdom to achieve the goals of developing the country and maintaining the nation’s sovereignty in the coming future.

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