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VOL.VII NO.32     -      6 August 1999

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Albino tiger born in local zoo

Now healthy and nearly ready to greet the public

Thong Khao (White Gold), an albino tiger was born on the 12th of July to Bengal tiger parents at the Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm.

Singer Mis Phim Phailin holds Thong Khao, the first albino tiger born in a zoo in Thailand.

It was the 1st time that an albino tiger had been born in captivity in a Thai zoo from normal Bengal tiger parents.

The miracle cub’s parents are 3-year-old mother Thub Tim and 4-year-old father Moss. The delivery took 2 hours. The cub weighed in at 1.5 kilos.

The weak Tong Khao was separated from her mother and sent to be nursed in an incubator, as the mother has a history of killing her weak offspring. However, Tong Khao has since been gaining strength and is now able to nurse off its mother.

Zookeepers are nonetheless cautious about bringing the cub out into the open until they are sure it is fully out of harms way. However, in no time it should be able to peek out at the thousands of animal loving homo sapiens in all their splendid variety.

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