The Gulf of Thailand – Koh Mak, Trat


If you are looking for a laid-back and peaceful place to spend a weekend getaway or even a bit longer, Koh Mak is one of the first destinations come to mind. This tropical paradise, Koh Mak, is a small Island of Tratprovince in the east of the Gulf of Thailand, has its name after the Area nut (mak).


The island became known in a tourism market in 1974 when the bungalows were built on the east of the island and soon the infrastructure was established. In 1987 the first resorts were built and the island finally made their way into the tourism industry.

Koh Mak is, about 40 kilometers from the mainland and since the island is privately owned, most water activities are regulated so that it is not overrun by noise pollution; however, there are still some activities that you can enjoy. Since it is quite isolated about 23 kilometers from the bigger island, Koh Chang, it is perfect for lounging, best waters for swimming or just simply indulging a beautiful Sunset. If you want a little bit more of Adventure, ride a motorcycle to one of those rubber tree plantations and try firsthand experience of collecting rubber. You can also learn traditional Thai cooking. The classes are fun and flexible at your choice.

Public transportation to Koh Mak is limited to a slow wooden Boat depart from AoNid Pier which takes about three hours, and is scheduled only on Thursday and Saturday and returns to the mainland on Monday and Friday. The best way to go and come back is with the locals who are out and about getting their supplies.