Chiang Mai’s lovely mountains


Chiang Dao, Mae Kampong and Inthanon are fascinating mountains out of Chiang Mai City. Get a glimpse of the mountainous retreats may be the best dose of nature to soak up your soul.

Some two hour’s drive north of Chiang Mai, Chiang Dao is an ideal retreat away from the city. The district is nestled in a beautiful mountainous area dominated by the country’s third highest mountain Doi Luang Chiang Dao.

If you are looking for a bit more off the beaten track Adventure, this untouched destination is the place to be. From bird watching, Trekking, elephant riding to exciting Cave exploration, Chiang Dao offers plenty opportunities to explore.

East of Chiang Mai city is the luscious Mae On District. Up in the mountain, the Village of Mae Kampong showcases the easy lifestyle of Chiang Mai’s rural residents. Mae Kampong make their living from making “Miang”, the fermented tea leave that is part of Lanna lifestyle. Mountain breeze and lush forest keep the wild Himalayan tea trees fertile and the peaceful village cool all year round.

Spend a night in Mae Kampong, and learn about the magic Miang that give life to the locals, and you will be fascinated with the life on the mountain.

If Mae Kampong is not cool enough, Doi Inthanon, the country’s highest peak is probably the better choice. With the elevation of 2,565 metres above Sea level, Doi Inthanon is embraced with cool breeze that allows hill tribe farmers to grow temperate climate fruits, vegetables and Flowers as part of the Royal Project.

As part of Himalayan Mountain Range, Doi inthanon is known for its biodiversity and complex ecological system teeming with wildlife. Climb to the viewpoint of Kiu Mae Pan or higher, you will be fascinated with the scenery above the high altitude cloud.


Before going home a stroll in Chiang Mai Old Town may fulfill your trip. Visit beautiful Buddhist temples and learn about Lanna tradition at Lanna Folk Life museum Chiang Mai, you will find out that exploring the province, 4 days may be just a swift.

How to get there: Chiang Mai is 427 miles north of Bangkok via AH2 Highway. Many airlines operates daily flights between two cities.