Amid the ongoing Pattaya gloom, new businesses are already springing up everywhere


Taco Bell comes to town

Taco Bell comes to town.

Already established in Bangkok, a Pattaya branch facing the sea on the Royal Garden Plaza promenade is currently being prepared for opening. Taco Bell is a fast-food chain of restaurants worldwide specializing in Mexican-inspired food such as tacos, burritos and nachos.

The Old Weed Man takes root

The Old Weed Man takes root.

Even Pattaya’s shuttered Walking Street is finding new markets. The Old Weed Man, near the entrance, specializes in selling cannabis to alleviate illnesses. Although pot smoking is still illegal in Thailand, the drug has been legalized for specific purposes under controlled conditions.

Runway 88 takes off this year

Runway 88 takes off this year.

The huge 747 has yet to be decorated and interior-designed, but a large area on Pattaya’s Second Road has been reserved as a street food plaza with a jumbo landmark. Cafes, restaurants and food stalls will surround the plane and rental spaces are currently on offer.

Aliens taking over Sin City

Aliens taking over Sin City.

A new unit in Pattaya’s Terminal 21 is cashing in on the latest public craze for beings from another planet. With the United States military now taking sightings seriously, a new marketing opportunity has arisen. The bendable models are said to reduce stress when handled.

Biggest convention hotel arises

Biggest convention hotel arises.

Pattaya’s building program continues unabated. A 500 room, luxury convention hotel is nearing completion just opposite Central Festival Pattaya Beach. The skyscraper, unnamed yet so far as we know, is being built by Posten Engineering and there’s no lack of international purchasing interest.

Nazism and HP sauce

Nazism and HP sauce.

A newly-opened, farang-orientated restaurant in Jomtien bought a large number of tablecloths at a knock-down price. Unfortunately, some of them pictured one of the most infamous logos of the 20th century, but the Thai owner had no idea. They have been replaced now by pictures of Che Guevera to examine as you tuck into your gutbuster breakfast.