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Tom Kha Gai a la Sopa

This soup recipe was from a simple country girl who went to work for a restaurateur.  He found that her soup was better than...

PCEC learns how “Chinetics” can improve your body and health

Joyce Lah, speaker at the October 6th meeting of the Pattaya City Expat Club, used the catchy title of the book “Eat, Pray, Love”...

How risky is eating red meat? New papers provoke controversy

New York (AP) — Eating red meat is linked to cancer and heart disease, but are the risks big enough to give up burgers...

‘Joker’ laughs its way to October box office record

Los Angeles (AP) — The filmmakers and studio behind “Joker” have reason to put on a happy face. Despite concerns over its violent themes...

‘Blues in the Dark’ is compelling crime novel

A movie producer who moves to Los Angeles and stumbles upon a story sparks Raymond Benson’s look at a turbulent Hollywood of the 1940s...