Transport Min emphasizes on safety measures of public transport


BANGKOK, 24 July 2013 The Transport Ministry is stepping up measures on the safety of public transport, especially buses, urging the Transport Company to check its tour bus condition regularly. 

Transport Minister Chadchart Sittipunt has urged the Transport Company to inspect their vehicles at least every 2 years, adding that a driver should not drive longer than 8 hours per day and has to stop every four hours when on a long trip.

As for trucks, the minister said he wanted the truck companies to inspect their lorries more often than once in every 3 years as now required as well as to regularly check their drivers’ health condition, adding that all companies have to be strict when recruiting their drivers.

The minister also has a plan to build more rest stops for tour buses, ordering the Department of Land Transport to discuss the idea with related agencies. Lastly, he ordered the Land Transport Department to inspect all public buses in terms of safety equipment, such as seat belts and emergency doors, and report the result back to the Minister within a fortnight.