Toon Body Slam starts Kaokonlakao charity run in Northeast


Bangkok – Famed singer Toon Body Slam and the Kaokonlakao Foundation raised over 1.6 billion baht from charity events for hospitals between 2016 and 2018.

The Kaokonlakao Foundation has now started the first charity run for the Northeast entitled Steps Further For Esan at the border checkpoint near the first Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge in the capital district of Nong Khai province.

Toon Body Slam and a group of celebrities led the 10-kilometer charity run to a PTT gas station on Saturday, where other celebrities took their turn to lead the run. Over a thousand people joined in and many local villagers waited to hand out cash and cheer them along. The first hour of the run raised some 15 million baht.

Toon Body Slam said he had only planned that each person give 10 baht, which would be virtually worthless on an individual basis but could amount to millions of baht once it was all accumulated.

The charity run scheduled for June 15 and 16 started from Nong Khai province to Khon Kaen province, a distance of 175 kilometers. The fundraising activity is for the procurement of medical supplies and equipment for eight northeastern hospitals, including Khon Kaen 2 Hospital, Phol Hospital, Kumphavapi Hospital, Nong Harn Hospital, Sra Khrai Hospital, Sangkhom Hospital, Na Wang Hospital and Bueng Kan Hospital.