Thailand currently unaffected by curbs on Huawei


Bangkok – The Secretary-General of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has disclosed that Thailand has not been affected by the United States’ curbs on Huawei at this stage, confirming that Thai people can still use current Huawei phones, though users may not be able to use United States’ applications on Huawei’s future phone models.

NBTC Secretary General Thakorn Tanthasit says that the NBTC sought details of the situation from the United States Embassy in Thailand, and received a report that people here who possess Huawei communication devices can continue to use them as usual. However, the devices’ data update may be affected.

Huawei devices on display in the phone market also function normally. However, for devices to be produced in the future there is a possibility that United States’ companies may not provide certain services, meaning users may not be able to use Google and Facebook on new models.