Statistics reveal 5 children left in cars found dead in past 5 years


Bangkok – With many schools across the country starting their new semesters this month, the Department of Disease Control has revealed there have been 106 cases of children being left in vehicles over 5 years from 2014 to 2018, with five fatalities to three female and two male children aged between 3-6 years. The fatal accidents happened 4 times in school vans, and once in a personal car. All deceased children were left more than 6 hours in the vehicles.

The department’s tests show vehicles parked under the sun for 10 minutes will have internal temperatures raised to unbearable levels, while 30 minutes of exposure can cause the temperature to raise to the point where any children left inside will develop acidosis and symptoms such as shock, loss of consciousness, and brain edema.

Parents, school bus drivers and teachers are advised to always count the number of children boarding and leaving vehicles every time and check that there is no one inside the vehicle before locking it. Young children should never be left alone in vehicles parked in the sun, even for a short period of time.