Siriraj Hospital organizes seminar on Healthy Gamers


Bangkok – The Faculty of Medicine at Siriraj Hospital organized a seminar recently on the topic of Healthy Gamers, part of an initiative designed to provide guidelines to parents concerned about their children’s inappropriate internet usage.

The seminar was led by Dr. Chanwit Phornnopphadon, Head of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Siriraj Hospital, along with a team of producers, and actors and actresses from Wai Saep Saraek Khat TV series. It was attended by medical personnel from Siriraj Hospital and members of the general public.

Dr. Chanwit said inappropriate use of technology has caused an Internet addiction, especially among youth and children. There are currently more than 18 million Thai children playing online and of these, two million young people have a problem with game addiction.

Parents are advised to observe their children’s behavior closely, and quickly find a way to solve the problem if their children become easily irritated, reclusive or unsociable.

Children who play games for 3-4 hours a day, but also allocate time to play sports and participate in other activities as part of everyday life, are not considered to be game addicts.

Parents can post questions and check the behavioral signs of game addiction on / healthygamer. There are tests for both children and parents free of charge.