Seven digital TV licensees return licenses

NBTC Secretary General Takorn Tantasith.
NBTC Secretary General Takorn Tantasith.

Bangkok – NBTC Secretary General Takorn Tantasith said seven digital TV channels have offered to return their licenses to the NBTC, including Bright TV (Channel 20), Voice TV (Channel 21), MCOT Family (Channel 14), Spring News (Channel 19), Spring 26 or NOW 26 (Channel 26), Channel 3 Family (Channel 13) and Channel 3 SD (Channel 28).

The licensees are required to submit documentation pertaining to the results of their operations in 60-days time from the date on which they tendered the return of their license for the NBTC to consider providing compensation pay. The compensation will account for 55% of the total payment which the licensees have already made.

The NBTC is yet to pass a resolution for the closure of those digital TV channels which cannot be shut down immediately and are expected to be shut down in 30 to 45 days.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha expressed concerns over the welfare of employees who are being affected by the closure of those TV channels and called on the management to restructure and provide more assistance than the labor law allows.

About 200-300 employees are believed to be affected at each channel.

The NBTC will also consider providing compensation pay for multiplexer (MUX) operators affected by the closure of the seven TV channels.