Rice Department ensures safety of Thai rice


BANGKOK, 18 July 2013 The Rice Department has confirmed that the fumigation in the Thai rice industry is safe and meets international standards. The department however remarks that the rice might have chemical residues if it lacks proper treatment. 

Deputy Director-General of the Rice Department Laddawan Kannuch said on Thursday that if rice farmers followed instructions correctly, there would be no chemical residues left in the rice by the time it was harvested. She insisted that it was still necessary to treat rice with chemicals to kill insects and preserve its quality as the produce would be exported and sold for a long period of time.

As for storage, the deputy director-general said the chemicals used in fumigation must be able to evaporate quickly and must be accepted on the international level. The chemicals must have completely evaporated 5-7 days before the packaging process begins.

Mr Prachob Phetrit, a representative of Interlek, a company inspecting the quality of rice in line with the international standards, has confirmed that the rice fumigation process in Thailand is safe and there are no chemical residues that are toxic to consumers.