Public health official in Nan inspects cannabis oil’s side effects


Bangkok – A public health official in Nan province yesterday inspected cannabis oil, which reportedly caused muscular spasms and numbing in a user. Authorities have warned villagers about the oil which might cause such side effects.

Thawat Sitthiyot, Phuphiang district’s public health official, visited Baan Nong Rang village in Phuphiang district of Nan province where a villager had used cannabis oil only to be sent to hospital. He called on the village headman and villagers to beware of peddlers who might offer illegal cannabis oil for sale. The oil is reported to sell for as much as 2,500 baht a bottle.

The public health official said marijuana or cannabis is currently considered an illegal drug which should not be used to cure diseases. Villagers might be lured into buying cannabis oil only to lose money and fall ill due to dangerous side effects.

According to the villagers, the illegal cannabis oil had been offered by roving vendors on regular basis.