Public content with military performance in helping flood victims: Poll


BANGKOK, Nov 25 – Thailand’s public is more satisfied with the military’s performance in assisting flood victims, and the least satisfaction was accorded local politicians, according to a new opinion poll released on Friday.

The Bangkok Poll Centre surveyed 1,087 people aged 18 and older across the country on Nov 22-24 on the flood and the performance of each sector.

About 98.3 per cent of the respondents said they were content with soldiers’ performance in helping flood victims, followed by help from compatriots at 98.2 per cent and volunteer groups at 96.6 per cent.

Least satisfaction was given to local politicians at 51.8 per cent, the government’s Flood Relief Operations Centre at 64.3 per cent and the Prime Minister at 67.7 per cent.

Regarding their support of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, about 47 per cent of the respondents still support her to continue as prime minister while 24.5 per cent think otherwise.

Three-fourths — 72.6 per cent — of the respondents believed that the major cause of the flood crisis is unusual and heavy volume of sustained rainfall, while 58 per cent viewed mismanagement and poor performance of flood-related agencies are to blame, and 55.6 per cent thought that the limited capability of the existing irrigation system cannot respond to a megadisaster.

Half the population believe the disaster will happen again, but only 2 per cent discount that possibility.

As Bangkok spreads over an extensive low-lying area very closed to sea level, there have been recent suggestions to relocate the Thai capital.  The survey found that about nearly two-thirds — 60.4 per cent — disagree with relocation, while only one in four — 27.8 per cent – agreed to the proposed move.

The northeastern province of Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) is the site welcomed by a majority of those polled.