Police, Fisheries Dept launch special operation against illegal fishing


Bangkok – Police and the Department of Fisheries have jointly launched a special operation against illegal fishing off Ranong province, in line with the government’s policy to meet an ASEAN position on the issue.

Pol Lt Gen Charuwat Waisaya, commissioner of the Royal Thai Police’s Legal and Lawsuit Office and chairman of a subcommittee under the Command Center for Combating Illegal Fishing, visited Ranong to follow the special operation. Last month, the police and officials of the Department of Fisheries arrested 66 illegal trawlers, 59 of which had been brought into Thai territorial waters from abroad.

The government crackdown has reduced the illegal fishing activity from 3,270 cases in 2016 to 958 cases in 2017, 574 cases in 2018 and 333 cases so far this year. Last May, a boat named Chokchai Navi 35 was seized with over 500 million baht in cargo aboard.