Phi Phi Island removes black sediment from beach


Bangkok – Officials on Koh Phi Phi are working to remove black sediment and sand caused by the release of waste water on Loh Da Lum bay last week.

The sediment came from waste water discharged by businesses, hotels, and restaurant over a period. Last week it was washed down into the sea due to heavy rains, causing negative effects to the tourism business. The excavation and removal of the sediment can only be done during low tide and will take several days.

Ao Nang Subdistrict Administration Organization Vice President Prasert Wongna said Krabi Province has been enforcing the law and requiring businesses to install grease traps and wastewater treatment facilities to treat all their wastewater before discharging to the drain canal. However, the central wastewater treatment facility can only treat 400 cubic meter of water daily, which is below Phi Phi island’s daily average wastewater discharge at 1,500-2,000 cubic meters, especially during the high tourism season.