Officials to teach dugong Mariam to avoid low tide


Trang – Officials from Ko Libong Animal Sanctuary in Trang are devising a plan to teach the baby dugong Mariam some life skills after she was recently found beached by a low tide.

The team is now monitoring the situation 24 hours a day for the next six days to prevent the dugong from finding herself beached again. At 1am each day, the team rows a canoe out to check the spot where she is sleeping.

A regulation has been made by related officials to control the number of people coming to see Mariam, as previously visitors came in big groups of 10-20 people, creating noise and disturbing the work of the care-giving team.

The regulation now limits the number of visitors to a maximum of four at a time, including working officials, prohibits flash photography and photographing the dugong in unnatural poses such as being held up by a human. Visitors must comply with all instructions from veterinarians on duty. Persons allowed to enter the water along with veterinarians must not cause a disturbance and are not permitted to walk in front of the young dugong.